Teacher And Parents

We have a very strong relationship with our parents. We value their role and activity involves them in their child’s education.

1. Parents are welcome to discuss any issue about their child’s development, by making an appointment to speak to their teacher. 2. Parents are invited to meet formality with the teacher once every month, to discuss their child’s progress. 3. A yearly newsletter is given to inform them of upcoming activities, events and curriculum topics. 4. Throughout the year, parents can arrange meetings with their child’s teacher or with the Principal / Vice Principal. Simply make an appointment through the school office. 5. A calendar of school events is issued to parents at the start of the school year. It is also available on our website and regularly updated.

We would ask to parents please to forward a note to the class teacher under the following circumstances:

1. To provide the reason for absence from school, when your child returns to school. 2. If your child is suffering from any medical condition or taking medication. 3. If your child has to be exempted from any school activity for medical reasons. 4. If your child’s usual travel arrangements for the afternoon are to be changed or if you need to collect your child early. 5. If you wish to make an appointment to speak to your child’s teacher. 6. If any domestic or other difficulty is affecting your child’s schoolwork. In this case you may prefer to speak privately to the teacher, the Vice-Principal or the Principal, a appointment may be arranged through the main school office.