General Information


Uniforms show that you are part of an Institution. Wearing it says we’re all in this together, Children are expected to be in full school uniform every day.


1. Navy Blue pants/ skirts.
2. Sky Blue Shirts.
3. School tie and belt.
4. White socks.
5. Black shoes.


1. Coloured t-shirt (issued by the school).
2. White pants/ Skirts.
3. White socks.
4. White canvers shoes.

Sweaters (Grev) for winters.

School Time Table

School Times: 8.30 AM
Lunchtime: 10:15 AM
Departures: 1.30 PM
Children are encourage to arrive punctuality, but should be in the school before 8.30am. If you have any difficulties with arrangements for bringing or collecting your child, please discuss this with the class teacher or the Head teacher. Parents of children who often arrive late will be contacted either personality or by latter.

School Bus

School buses will be available for the students for more information contact the office.